The Best Part

The Best Part

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I get my nails “done”.  On a semi-regular basis, even.  I often feel guilty about spending the money on myself, but I reason that it’s a business investment.  Knowing my nails look polished gives my confidence a slight edge.  First impressions can’t be made twice, and I want to know that I’m looking my best when I extend my hand for a hearty handshake.

In search of the “perfect” nail salon, I have visited several different locations in my area.  Most have similar techniques.  Shellac polish is pretty much the same, no matter where I go.  Processes vary slightly, and some nail technicians paint my French tips on better than others.  It is, after all, an art.  Artists will vary in their technique and final result.

I have settled on a little shop near my home.  Not only is it convenient, but they have come up with an effective way to edge out their competition.  All salons will put polish on your nails, but every technician in this particular shop also gives an unprompted shoulder massage while your nails are drying.  I was somewhat taken aback the first time this happened, not because I’m averse to massages, but rather because I have not experienced that service (without asking, anyway) in any other nail salon.

The last time I visited the salon, another customer echoed my sentiment.  When the technician placed his hands on her shoulders, she smiled contentedly and exclaimed “this is the best part”.  Take a lesson from this nail salon.  Find some little way that you can edge out your competition.  Pamper your customers, make them feel so special they keep coming back just for your preferential treatment.  Build trust and loyalty.  Make your clients sigh with delight when they work with you.  Everyone wins.

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