My Business Is Like a Jalapeno Plant

Business Is Like A Garden

My husband can be picky.  In the case of our lawn, he is very protective of his turf.  Or rather, in the midst of another dry summer, the brown stubbly stuff that is protruding from our yard.

I have been begging for a garden.  Nothing too elaborate, just a little piece of ground in the backyard where I can grow a few fresh veggies.  He won’t have it.  “Use pots” he says.  “Don’t kill the grass.”  Um, have you looked out there lately?  It’s really not a loss.

Regardless, I have honored his wishes.  I have a couple of pots of jalapenos on the deck, with the idea (fallacy) that I will use them to make salsa.  Watching their progress from seed packet to spicy peppers reminds me of the life cycle of a small business.

First, we plant the seed and watch with bated breath as the first few sprouts come forth from the fertile soil.  As we water and care for the fragile new life, it grows steadily into a sturdy adult plant.  If everything is in alignment, the mature plant brings forth blooms and bears fruit.  The finished produce that we cherish for our table contains the seeds needed to repeat the process all over again.

Growing a thriving business follows the same cycle.  Once a business concept is born, we till the ground and plant our idea into a productive environment.  We tend to it carefully, fertilizing it with potential clients and a robust set of services.  Once we engage some interested customers and they come closer to admire what we have to offer, we produce a finished product that provides them with the WOW factor that makes them want to come back for more.

It may be a far stretch to think of that spicy hot jalapeno in your popper as the culmination of your business efforts, but are they really that far removed?  Chew on that thought as you enjoy your next helping of chips and salsa.

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