Smartphone = Smart Social Media Tool

Use Your Smartphone Camera

Isn’t technology wonderful?  When it’s working correctly, that is.  I can remember back in high school when one of my best friends had a nifty gadget in her car.  It was housed in a bag on the console and was always connected by cable to her cigarette lighter.  It was so cool…she could make calls while she was driving!

I am smitten by my smartphone.

Fast forward a couple (ahem! 20) years and look at today’s mobile phone.  Technology has advanced so far, so fast.  Now those cool contraptions are portable and carried everywhere, by nearly everyone, and can do far more than make a call during your drive home.  I hate to admit it, but on the rare occasion that I find myself without my phone, I start to experience withdrawal-like symptoms.  It’s like the ratty teddy bear I didn’t want to part with as a toddler.  It is my constant companion.

It’s a phone…it’s a camera…it’s just plain smart!

The last couple of times I’ve shopped for a phone, one of my top “must haves” is a robust camera.  Smartphone camera technology has advanced so far that point-and-shoot cameras are now almost pointless.  Since that darn little thing is always with me, it’s extremely easy to pick it up, scramble for my phone app, point, shoot, and the image automatically gets sent into fluffy cloud-land and lands in my Dropbox.

Make a big impact with just a little creative magic.

Then, the beauty starts.  When I need an image for my social media or blog posts, I search though my own images instead of shopping on a stock image site.  Once I find a picture that supports my story, I pull the picture into PicMonkey.  There, I can resize it for my specific needs and add a number of different filters and embellishments.  Voila!  Big impact for no money.  Brilliant!

If you want to give your social media efforts a boost, be smart and use technology to your advantage.  The camera in your smartphone is begging for you to use it.  Make it a habit to snap pictures on a regular basis.  Add a little creativity and a sassy caption, and you have an attractive post with no copyright infringements.

Now…ready, set, start snappin’!

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