Pruning the Petunias

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Successful entrepreneurs have recurring characteristics.

I have had several conversations in the past couple of weeks about the characteristics of entrepreneurs.  A dear friend of mine said it best when she proclaimed, “we march to the beat of a different drum”.  I’m sure if you were to interview every entrepreneur managing a prosperous business, you would find recurring characteristics.

Even flowers sometimes get too bold & big for their britches.

This morning I stepped out of my car, looked down at one of my flowerpots, and smiled as I thought of the similarity between that little green petunia plant and an entrepreneur.  You see, about a month ago all of my friendly foliage was looking a little leggy and unattractive.  Dead spots were visible on nearly every stem and the flowers were getting smaller and less impressive.  My mom told me her flowers had been in a similar state a month or so previously, so she had cut them all back.  This practice either forces new growth or kills the plant completely.

I took my chances on my spindly petunias, took out my shears, and cut every last stem back to the ground.  They looked…pitiful.  But, I took hope and continued to water and care for them as I had when they were lush and beautiful.

Can you weather the storm?

Lo and behold, those petunias have weathered the storm and are emerging more healthy and vibrant than they were before that fateful day a month ago.  The tender green leaves are hungry to show their blooming glory once again.  It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Small businesses are much like my petunias.  Sometimes they get too big for their britches and some products or services are neglected, losing their brilliance. Or, sometimes the competition is too tough and they cannot thrive as they want to.  It is also possible that the small business owner does not have the right tools to succeed or their environment is not conducive to growth.

Challenges are part of owning a business, but how you respond is part of your success.

When their business is challenged and facing a major pruning, successful entrepreneurs know that the cutting shears are merely part of the landscape.  No matter the challenge, they learn from the misfortune and keep on trying.  They know their dreams, their passions; they re-evaluate and refocus so their next attempt will be more successful than the last…or so they hope.  They never lose sight of the sunshine and the beauty their product or service can provide.  For every person that cuts them to the core, they spring back with a renewed fervor.  They never stop trying.

May your flowerbed bloom endlessly and with reckless abandon.

Creatively Yours,

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