Awakening the Artist Within

Baby with Finger Paints 600px wideI recently read a blog post by Allison Crow and it spoke volumes to me.  Not just “turn the radio on and hum along softly”, but a “stand in front of the deafening speakers at an outdoor concert” kind of volume.  As I read her revealing truth, I realized that I could absolutely relate.  I, too, have let my life, career, and responsibilities get between me and the artist within that I truly am and want to be.  Her words prompted me to share my story, give a shout out to some of the people who have been a part of my story, and hopefully encourage some of you to share similar stories.

Jessica Maes, Virtual Assistant Mentor Extraordinaire

Back when I was trying to decide if I should make the leap into being my own boss, I was lucky enough to find Jessica Maes.  Her Virtual Assistant mentoring program provided me with the insight and the kick in the pants I needed to jump off the edge of the cliff I was teetering on (so to speak).  Her firm-yet-friendly guidance was exactly what I needed.  Jessica gave me the wings I needed to fly.

Shortly after landing my first client and then adding a baby into the mix, I experienced my first bout with entrepreneur overwhelm.  I knew I needed some personal guidance, and settled into the idea that I could use the services of a professional coach.  I turned to Jessica, my trusted advisor, for recommendations.

Chariti Gent:  Coach, Artist, Friend, Beautiful Soul

Jessica’s endorsement led to a beautiful relationship.  Chariti Gent, a genius life coach and oh-so-beautiful soul, started working with me in the fall of 2010.  From the beginning, I really loved Chariti and the connection we made on the first call.  Even though I rarely have the opportunity to meet with her face-to-face, through the phone line I can feel the warmth and genuine compassion that radiates from her very being.  Chariti has the unique gift of guiding with grace.  She urges me to face the hard truths, scolding when necessary, but always inspires and energizes and lifts me up.

Through our conversations and the relationship we have developed, Chariti (a venerable artist herself) has recognized my long-neglected creative gift that is begging to blossom again.  She has challenged me to create new something every day.  This “creativity challenge” has been life-changing for me.  It puts creating on the top of my priority list, instead of at the bottom.  Chariti has introduced me to two other creative geniuses to help me on my path to artistic awakening:  Jennifer Lee and Allison Crow.

Jennifer Lee and the Right Brain Business Plan®

Jennifer Lee is the owner of Artizen Coaching and the author of the Amazon bestselling book Right Brain Business Plan®.  Her book, products and programs, designed especially for the creative mindset, drew me in like a moth to a flame.  It was in her virtual summit and Facebook group page where I discovered so many other stories like mine.  I found hope, inspiration, motivation…and acceptance.  I adopted some of Jennifer’s philosophies in redesigning my business, and I knew I was on my way to great things.

Allison Crow:  Alignment, Attraction, & Abundance

I was just recently introduced to Allison Crow, but her stories shake me to my core.  You see, I have also transcended from a position of corporate monotony and office politics to a discovering a place where I can truly live with freedom, flexibility, and passion.  I am rediscovering so many of the things that once made me happy, and I am learning that these are gifts that are meant to be shared with the world.  I love bringing the creativity of right-brain thinking to my friends, family, and extended family that are my clients.  I am happier, more passionate, and so very VERY thankful to the people along the way that have helped me awaken my inner artist.

The Story of YOU

My wish is that all of YOU find the same blessings in life, those people who see the YOU that you truly are.  And those same people have the heart, assertiveness, guidance, and compassion to help you realize your gifts and how you can deliver those gifts to the world.  It’s a process, but with the right love and support, we can all make it happen.  Here’s to the best version of YOU!!

Cre8vely Yours,

April Signature SM

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