Dear Facebook 600x400

Listen, Facebook. Let me be frank. You and I have been friends for a few years now, but lately…you have become quite controversial. Scandalous, almost. Now, really:  I get it. You’re in business to make money. Bottom line, that’s what all business owners need and want in order to keep serving and producing. You are in high demand and you touch a lot of lives. A lot. Like, millions and maybe even billions (the statistics seem a little conflicted). You are a country unto yourself.

So now you have decided, businesses have to pay to play on your playground. No more free press. Again, I get it. A lot of people are rumbling and grumbling about it, as do I sometimes. But I understand. It’s opportunity, and you are capitalizing. Because of the depth of your audience, you have the ability to make a huge, HUGE impact. Businesses should expect that advertising costs money. And really, they don’t HAVE to spend much with you. It’s an individual choice that everyone has the freedom to make.

But here is what has happened, whether it was intentional or not: people discontent with your new policies are finding different pools in which to swim and play. Now listen, you and I will always be friends, but I’ve decided…I have to check out my options. Me and that little blue bird Twitter have been getting a little more acquainted lately. Over there, anyone can see my posts. I don’t have to bother looking for a picture to tell my story; whenever the urge strikes me, I just type out 140 characters and a hashtag. Sure, it’s noisy and busy, like New York City at rush hour, but I can see anybody else’s posts and they can see mine. It’s like a huge cocktail party. Who doesn’t love parties?

And then there’s my good friend Pinterest.  Now we’re talking. Checking out all those cool DIYs and getting all kinds of ideas; I can even search and share and Pin what I love. Relax on a Thursday night with a glass of wine and Pinterest on my iPad. What’s not to love? Everywhere I go anymore I overhear at least one conversation where the word “Pinterest” is exclaimed excitedly.

I would be remiss to not mention my new bestie, Instagram. I know my mobile-platform friend is your step sibling, but still; I’m in love. Pictures, lots of pictures, and plenty of real estate for lengthy comments. Videos, even. It’s like a long string of blog posts, only more interactive and easy to find. My real-life friends are flocking to it every day. Talk about an up-and-comer!

Speaking of blogs, I’ve heard a lot of favor about Tumblr, but I’ve only just shook hands with that guy. One of these days we might just sit down for a cup of coffee together. Snapchat, SlideShare, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine…there are so many opportunities to get acquainted.

So, you see my old friend Facebook…it’s not you, it’s me. I just want some time to get out there and take a look around the social space. Let’s stay friends, but we just won’t be seeing each other as often. No hard feelings. Thanks for all the good times. See you around.

Cre8vely Yours,
April Signature SM

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