Cre8ve Content Co. was born in a hotel room.  No, seriously!  The founder, me, April Keating, was holed up one weekend alone in a hotel (I know, I’m strange, right?) doing some reflection and planning.  After some laborious pains, a brainchild was born…and here we are!  I’m not a fan of labels typically, but think of my products as “ambi-brained”.  My customers are established business owners who are looking for new and unique ways to connect with existing and potential clients.  I focus on telling your story with captivating images, fun fonts, and tantalizing type.

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April Keating, Founder

Yes, I am the one who flies solo in a hotel.  Here’s how it went down:  I was at a crossroads, having ran my virtual assistance business for three years and not seeing the results I hoped for.  I knew I needed a plan for change, and what better place to get away from distractions than a hotel room?  (Um, a beautiful tropical island, secluded forest cabin, vast desert hideaway.  But, I digress…)  After writing on the walls, sipping a glass (bottle) of wine, and nibbling on a bite (three entire bars) of chocolate, it hit me why I had not yet realized the results I wanted.  I was trying to do what everyone else was doing!  I was afraid to be different and let my personality shine through.  I wasn’t being true to myself and it resulted in a failure to develop genuine connections with potential clients.  It was then and there that I decided to rebrand myself as a company with passion, vision, a sense of humor, and a healthy dose of artsy-fartsy.  That is me, in a nutshell.  A goofball that loves PowerPoint as much for the tables, charts, and bullet points as the ability to use frivolous fonts and whimsical illustrations.  A sarcastic sillyhead that loves a story…as long as it’s 300 words or less.  A self-proclaimed geek that loves to be in the great out-of-doors, as long as I’m within scrolling distance of a touchscreen.  And a serious advocate of small businesses with a passion for helping others to realize their dreams and find their own success in life.

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